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Hi do you know what type of jacket Larry is wearing in the Vlado freestyle? I really like it and the red and black combo on it looks nice.* I also found that Notorious Franklin and Marshalls Jacket for you. Its under Jackets American at they are sold out for now though :( here is the web address, unfortunately I don’t know how to hyperlink so a copy and past will have to do, love your website!

Thank you, Gus Bus, for the link!

As for the jacket Larry was wearing in the Vlado video, i believe it is the Nike Destroyer Tech Wool Jacket. Nike no longer sells it, however.

Anonymous asked: Hi, Do you know where can i find the same Franklin Maschal jacket they got ? The red one. Have a nice day

I’ve been unable to find it, unfortunately :(

Anonymous asked: they prefer size small i guess depends on the size of the shirt to begin with but as far as i know its small ;)

A small? O.O I was expecting a bigger size but thanks, anon!

Anonymous asked: Hi there, awesome website! Would u happen to know what size tshirt they wear?

I have no clue. But I know some LT Ladies have bought them shirts as gifts…does anyone know?

Anonymous asked: What are the black jeans that Larry often wears. (In the vlado footwear promo vid) If you could find the brand at least that would be awesome!

I think they’re Levi’s?

Anonymous asked: what is this jacket from. big fan by the way! its on page 2, red/blue with the capital F.

I know it’s by Franklin and Marshall. I couldn’t find the exact jacket, however. :/

Anonymous asked: Hey! Love your blog! Just letting you know that the Bandanna Jacket Larry was seen wearing is not the Stussy one. I looked really close in the videos and you can see they have different patterns. Especially on the back. I have been looking forever and I STILL cant find it but somebody told me that it was unreleased BBP.

Thank you! Yeah, I noticed that it wasn’t the same jacket not too long after I posted it. It seems as though Larry’s is reversible, too. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous asked: Hey 😊 do you know where Larry got his COMME des F***DOWN beanie from?

It’s literally available everywhere lol.

Here’s a link, tho.

Anonymous asked: hi my english is bad i hoppe you understand me: i dont find the tshirt whit 88 and the hands with les twins at the page blackboyplace can you help me ?

It’s not for sale at the moment.

Your outfit is everything 4/?: WOD LA, April 2012