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Anonymous asked: Can girls wear thy blackboyplace t-shirts of led twins?

Umm, yeah, BBP sells women shirts, if that’s what you’re asking.

Larry’s jacket is from Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Fall/Winter 14 Collection

Anonymous asked: Hi! Could you tell me please, what pants do Les Twins rock mostly? Brand, if possible :)

Levi’s, I believe.


Here are the sweatshirts!

Laurent is wearing Vivienne Westwood’s Queen Elizabeth sweatshirt ($442)

Larry is wearing Black Boy Place’s Jean-Michel Basquiat  long sleeve tee. ($114)

Les Twins 88 t-shirt

Hello everybody! I can tell you some nice news! The 88 Les Twins t-shirt is finally on sale at BBP (Click Here) The colors available are black and white, of course, also there is black tshirt with Les Twins faces in the numbers (Click Here).

Anonymous asked: ou peut on acheter leur chemise a carreaux noir\GRIS et blanc? merci

I don’t speak French so I had to resort to Google Translate which I know isn’t always accurate.

 I think you’re asking about this shirt?

If so, it’s by, but it is no longer for sale. 

Can’t find Larry’s Somewhere in America shirt and probably never will because staring at photos of Miley “twerking” and shirts with “twerk” written across them is making me roll my eyes so hard they just might pop out.

Hi do you know what type of jacket Larry is wearing in the Vlado freestyle? I really like it and the red and black combo on it looks nice.* I also found that Notorious Franklin and Marshalls Jacket for you. Its under Jackets American at they are sold out for now though :( here is the web address, unfortunately I don’t know how to hyperlink so a copy and past will have to do, love your website!

Thank you, Gus Bus, for the link!

As for the jacket Larry was wearing in the Vlado video, i believe it is the Nike Destroyer Tech Wool Jacket. Nike no longer sells it, however.

Anonymous asked: Hi, Do you know where can i find the same Franklin Maschal jacket they got ? The red one. Have a nice day

I’ve been unable to find it, unfortunately :(